“Never Dreamed You’d Return…”

Pearl Jam UK Return.

Pearl Jam UK – The World’s Greatest Pearl Jam Tribute.

As the immortal words from “Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town” state – “My God it’s been so long, never dreamed you’d return…” and it certainly felt that at one point, maybe we wouldn’t.

External and internal issues and pressures meant we reached a point at the end of last year where we had simply fallen out of love with what we were doing. When you spend so much time listening, reading, learning, researching and practicing every minute detail of something you love and care about so much, there’s always a danger of becoming burned out at some point.

One of the things we’ve always taken pride in, is our total commitment to the cause, so carrying on felt like we’d not only be cheating ourselves, but YOU – the wonderful people who travel endless miles and spend your hard-earned money to give you the most accurate and authentic performance of Pearl Jam‘s music possible.

Spending the first half of the year avoiding anything and everything to do with Pearl Jam, we were slowly sucked back in due to the European Tour Pearl Jam were undertaking in support of their album “Lightning Bolt”. After not seeing each other for most of the year, we bumped into each other at the Pearl Jam Leeds Arena gig.

It’s safe to say we completely and totally fell back in love with the band in a big way after witnessing a show that is already being talked about as “historic”.

A few days after the show, we talked about getting back in a room together and a rehearsal was booked.  From that first rehearsal onwards, we’ve never sounded better. We played like we’d never been away, learning new songs and polishing the old – even now finding details in songs we thought we knew inside out.

There’s a renewed sense of purpose and a dedication to uphold our status as “The Worlds Greatest Pearl Jam Tribute” and we’re all genuinely excited for the future once more.

We have some big news to announce soon, so stick with us. We promise it’ll be worth it.

We’re back.

Pearl Jammer.

Tickets are selling fast for our only show of 2014! Get yours now before they’re gone!

The Worlds Greatest Pearl Jam Tribute. £10 advance £12 door. http://goo.gl/Df3wo2

Pearl Jammer - The Worlds Greatest Pearl Jam Tribute

Pearl Jammer Live @ The Zanzibar, Liverpool 06/12/14

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