R.I.P Chris Cornell 

We are absolutely devastated to learn of the tragic passing of Chris Cornell.

Chris was one of the most profoundly talented, technically gifted and innovative artists in the history of rock music. His music has influenced, and will continue to influence, generation after generation of artists, musicians and performers.

It’s impossible to make sense of tragedies like this, and it feels like the only comfort available in these moments can be found by being grateful for the amazing body of work that an artist of Chris’ caliber has left behind for us to enjoy and explore.

Our guitar player Rob (Mike) has talked today about seeing Chris perform live, and how it remains the greatest gig he has ever been too. His sentiments will be echoed by countless fans across the world today, and those of us who were fortunate enough to see Chris perform will treasure those memories and be grateful to have been in the presence of one of the all-time great singers in music history.

Soundgarden and Pearl Jam’s legacies are intertwined like no two other bands, to the point where they have at one time or another been one single groups. Given the scale of the talent involved, it should come as no surprise that this combination of musicians produced one of the greatest songs of all time, linked here below.

Those of us who did not know him personally will miss his insight, his talent and his boundless abilities as an artist and performer. Those who did will miss a great friend who by all accounts brought great energy and warmth to his relationships.

To know this, you need only watch the footage from PJ20 of Eddie talking about how Chris took him under his wing and gave him the opportunity, and confidence, to be the frontman he became.

People like that, who empower and embolden others with their gifts, are a rare and special kind, and we should all be grateful for Chris’ legacy and life.

Rest in peace Chris, and thank you for the memories and the music.

Pearl Jam UK

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